The Best HIIT Workout DVDs Let You Burn Fat Fast

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Best HIIT Workout DVDHow To Burn More Fat In Less Time

Are you trying to squeeze in workouts during your already hectic schedule? We know that working out is a great way to stay healthy but it seems that we are always in a race against time. Many of usjust cannot seem to include a workout routine to our daily regimen. So how do we burn more fat in less time? Adding some high intensity interval training routines to our exercise regimen is a great way to burn fat, boost cardiovascular performance, and improve endurance while spending less time exercising.

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

If you are just getting into the swing of training for the first time, high intensity training, or HIIT, may seem like a complicated workout. However, it is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a method of cardio training that involves alternating periods of work and rest. Work periods are the high intensity intervals while rest periods are of low intensity. You want to perform some type of activity where you can easily increase the intensity of your workout and then slow it down.

What is the Best Way to Structure the Exercise?

When it comes to HIIT, you want to perform an activity that can get your heart rate up to 75-85% of your maximum heart rate. Exert yourself to what you feel is about 80% of your maximum effort. This will then be followed by a low intensity activity. For example, if you are doing a session at the treadmill, try doing 30 seconds of intense sprinting. After 30 seconds, you would rest for 1 minute by walking. You can repeat this interval 10 times and only spend a total of 15 minutes.

Instead of structuring the exercise, you could always just buy one the best hiit workout dvds which already come structured and ready to go. Just pop it into your dvd player or computer, “hiit” play and you’re off to the races with one of the best workouts ever made!


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